Discipleship Life Group. We are studying a devotional book "These Forty Days."  Lead:  Pastor Brent Smith (918) 839-2321

We would like for you to be encouraged to become a true disciple of Jesus Christ.  Please join us as we meet at 4:00pm starting Sunday afternoon, March 6, 2022, in the Fellowship Hall, People First Industries, Call Center and Warehouse located at 754 West Texas Street in Durant, Oklahoma.

You can also join us in our live services on Sunday mornings at 10:00am in person at the same location or virtually on Facebook Live (please refresh your screen until the live service starts) or listen to any of our past messages which are also on Facebook or can also be found under this website's Worship Service page.

Please join us as we meet at 4:00pm, Sunday afternoon on March 6, 2022, at the Fellowship Hall, People First Industries, Call Center and Warehouse.

On Sunday afternoon, March 6, 2022, we will be studying all the devotions of the previous week.

There are two ways to obtain the devotional book.

  1. Call or text Pastor Brent Smith at (918) 839-2321 or select this LINK to email him and leave your name and contact information for your order.  Pastor Brent has ordered 20 books and will fill the orders on a first come, first serve basis.  These new books will be $6.00 each compared to ordering it directly for $9.00 plus each.
  2. You can order you devotional book directly from the following companies by using the following links: THE FOUNDRYAMAZON.

Contact Pastor Brent Smith for a book or order yours today.

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