Men's Life group.  Lead:  Pastor Brent Smith.  Alternate Lead:  Pastor Winston Wilson   Call the church at (580) 924-0800 to get connected to this Life Group.

On Tuesday, July 11, 2023, we will restart and continue in our study from the book called ""BECOMING A MAN OF VALOR," by Mark R Laaser. This is the third book is a series of three books that we will be studying.  We may also start a new study, if the group decides it want to do so.

The book can be purchased either in the form of a hard copy format or eBook format depending on your preference.  You can purchase the book by selecting one of the following inks: 

We would like for you to be encouraged.  We are providing two different ways to meet. The first way is our face-to-face group.  Please join us as we meet at 6:00pm this Tuesday afternoon, at the Worship Center located at 200 W Beech St, Durant, Oklahoma.

The second way is our virtual meeting group.  Please email our life group coordinator at LifeSong118 or send a text message to (918) 839-2321or message us on Facebook a couple of days or longer before our next scheduled meeting if you have never received an email or text message invitation to our meeting.  We would like to communicate with you before the virtual meeting starts on the Zoom platform.  After receiving an email or text invitation to join the virtual meeting on the Zoom platform, you will select the join link and then be prompted to download and then launch Zoom.  You will need to download the Zoom software on your device and then wait for the host to start the meeting.  While waiting for the meeting to start, you can test your device for audio, video, and other settings.  After accepting our invitation to join the meeting, you can listen in, be a part of, or even join the Man-Up Life Group.

You can also join us in our live services on Sunday mornings at 10:00am in person at 200 West Beech Street in Durant, Oklahoma, in the Worship Center (Durant newspaper building i.e., the Durant Democrat) or virtually on Facebook Live (please refresh your screen until the live service starts) or listen to any of our past messages which are also on Facebook or can also be found under this website's Worship Service page.

Please join us as both groups meet at 6:00pm this Tuesday afternoon at the Worship Center located at 200 West Beech Street in Durant, Oklahoma in person or via online at because of not being able to attend the face-to-face meeting because you're out of town or for any reason.

On Tuesday, July 11, 2023, we will continue the discussion in our devotional series using the book "BECOMING A MAN OF VALOR,", so select one of the links above to order your book today!  We may also start a new study, if the group decides it want to do so.

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